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Free SEO Analysis

Best Keyword Ranking

SEO is all about keywords, competition knows that, we know that. Affordable Toronto SEO services to help you rank on keywords that matter.

Fast Turnaround

We bring results fast, we understand that investing money on SEO services isn’t an overnight thing. We make sure that you see results quickly.

Big Data Analysis

We thoroughly study market trends, customer preferences and UI/UX data to help your business make more informed business decisions.

SEO Mobile Specialty

Mobile is key nowadays, we implement mobile oriented SEO strategies to help your site rank higher, be seen first on mobile devices.

Better Conversion

We implement proven strategies that will help your ads, promotions and website experience convert better. We know sales.

Social Network Monitoring

We’re always on top of latest trends and we optimize your campaigns and our SEO practices to have the best conversion through social medias.

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Be on the top & Get more traffic to your website

Are you trying to bring in sales, have people register to your services or get more viewers? Time for your business to show on top of search results. Toronto is a big city, our SEO puts you on top of your competition.

  • Be on the top of Google
  • Super fast results
  • Affordable services
  • Excellent Support

Affordable SEO Packages

Affordable SEO, Cheap SEO, Good SEO bringing great results, have a look down here and check which plan works best for you. We make custom plans too. Just contact us and we will send you a free quote.

Basic Plan

We're just getting started
$299/ MO
  • 5+ keywords
  • Up to 3 pages
  • Google Optimization
  • Premium SEO Tools
  • 2 blog posts a month
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • 5 High Authority Backlinks
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Advanced Plan

Best Budget Solution
$450/ MO
  • 10+ keywords
  • Up to 5 pages
  • Google Optimization
  • Premium SEO Tools
  • 4 blog posts a month
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • 10 High Authority Backlinks
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Platinum Plan

Finest SEO Solution
$700/ MO
  • 20+ keywords
  • Up to 7 pages
  • Setup Analytics / Reports
  • Premium SEO Tools + Optimization
  • 4 blog posts a month
  • 20 High Authority Backlinks
  • Constant Social Media Bookmarks
  • Detailed Weekly reports
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Our Services

We provide a variety of affordable services from designing ads, website development to complete seo solutions. We’ve got you.

What drives your website great results

A combination of great SEO practices and a constant flow of fresh content is key. You want your site to show everywhere on social media platforms and have high authority sites link back to your site. We have a dedicated team of SEO experts that do everything that will bring your ranking higher, fast.

This might enlighten you of exactly what SEO does.

Watch our SEO Explanatory Video

SEO is pretty straight forward, you give google content to be added to their site, they verify if it’s good, original and optimized with the keywords you wanna rank on. We know what works and we bring great content.

Blog posts, social sharing, backlinking, enticing visual ads are all important nowadays. You want to captivate your potential clients, visitors and fans. Neglecting to do good SEO practices makes Google penalise you by bringing you down in the rankings. 80% of people click on the first 3 links on Google, most people don’t go to page 2.

We Know How To Code

We’ve got experienced coders, web development specialists to help you along your project. No project is too small or too big for our team. E-commerce websites is our strength, we love to build beautiful online shops.

Digital Media Strategy

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Data Organization

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Search Engine Friendly

Far far away, behind the word mountains.

Optimized Websites
SEO Campaigns
Years Of Services

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