16 SEO Benefits For Your Business

16 SEO Benefits For Your Business

Everything in this list of SEO Benefits makes sense of WHY you should use SEO to boost your business sales and traffic.

It’s simple enough: every business should work or hire a company to build a strong organic presence. SEO just works better than most digital marketing strategies due to the direct search intent of the customer.

Learn from this article and optimize your content or hire Search Engine Optimization Specialists to do it for you and grow your business, fast.

You are losing money every day your website is not optimized in the search engines.

Here’s why:

1. People search for YOUR products or services online

With billions of people online, you’re sure to be found if you optimize your content for specific keywords. The early strategy would be to keep it simple and not try to rank for massively competitive keywords and get smaller traffic wins. Per example: “home made chocolate downtown Toronto” might only get 10 searches a month, but these 10 people could come on your site and buy from you, not your competition.

2. Quality Traffic is where it’s at
People are actively looking for what they search for, not aimlessly browsing. If you go online, fire up the good ol’ Google and type in: buy dress shoes near me – you’re clearly looking to buy and not just browsing for cute cat pics. The person who ranks on top will get the click and potentially the sale

3. SEO traffic converts more

Most websites analytics show that their organic traffic is the one with the highest conversion rate, as mentioned above… it’s all about the search intent. Rank for the right keywords and people will come and convert.

4. Increase your sales and leads with SEO

SEO just works for lead generation. If your website is optimized for leads, people will land on it and contact you because they were searching for something that has the intent to book/call/consult etc.


 5. SEO will lower your cost per acquisition (CPA)

The costs remain relatively low for SEO compared to paid ads. Yes, you do need to hire an SEO Company, but thinking on the long run, the amount of money you would spend on ads to get the same clients, you’re saving a ton of money with well done SEO campaigns.

6. There’s no paid advertising in SEO

SEO does not rely on paying per click, which can be incredibly expensive for starting companies looking to make a living. SEO might take a bit of time to kick in, but it will bring you a constant flow of leads and traffic without having to pay for ads on Google Ads or Social Media per example.

7. SEO is about long term plans and strategy implementation

We’ve seen it happen time and time again, where people want to launch and have success right away and wonder why their business fail due to a lack of traffic and sales. SEO takes care of that, it brings constant flow of traffic and leads for years if done right. We have sites that rank for high converting keywords that never drop in ranking since 2017-18.

8. SEO helps the purchasing process become easy

Because SEO helps people trust your brand, people see your website on top of Google and just feel safer and more inclined into making decisions to purchase products or services from you/your brand.

9. SEO increases business reach and brand recognition/awareness

Outside of the “it helps conversions”, SEO will also help your brand become bigger… Brand recognition is essential, and SEO does just that by being everywhere dominating in search results. There’s now a lot you can do with SERP rankings to stand out with emojis, featured images and frequently asked questions.

10. SEO boosts Social Media Traffic

While SEO is usually meant to be from Google to website, it also helps gaining exposure and followers due to people coming from Google on your site then visiting your social media to learn more about your company.

11. SEO gets a lot more clicks than PPC does (Google Paid Ads)

SEO will dominate the amount of clicks Pay-Per-Clicks provides because research has shown that a lot of people, especially the visitors under 40 will know how to avoid paid ads feeling that they are misleading. Example: you search for Buy Nike Shoes and the top results are from Adidas paying for competition keyword phrases…

12. SEO can increase your website score

A real benefit is that your domain will get stronger and stronger as you grow through SEO and organic results increase. People tend to like and share, your website and you get backlinks from other companies seeing your content is relevant, especially if you make very informative posts (Hey, kinda like this one!)

13. SEO will help you get foot traffic (Offline Customers)

People always make research before buying now, either with reviews or at least on Google Search or Google Maps. If your site ranks above the competition, you are way more likely to get people coming in after finding your products, services and address on the web.

14. SEO is is a better investment and has a higher return than paid advertising

Considering that the average cost per click is around $2.40 for all industries and way way higher for specific products and services (life insurance per example would be around $29 USD per click). It’s an absolute no brainer that SEO is a winner in this case.

Yes, you’ll have to work hard or hire people for months to rank for highly competitive keywords, but then you’ll rank for keywords that bring in strong converting leads without the cost per click. Winner in our book!

15. SEO gives the edge small businesses might need over big corporations

Huge companies have infinite budget for advertising, therefore they usually don’t focus on SEO and go straight to PPC Google Adwords. You can leverage this by ranking for specific keywords that will make you take a chunk out of their traffic through organic results.

16. SEO will make you get rank for services you didn’t know you could.

The benefits of SEO and content strategy is that you’ll be able to rank for keywords you might not have thought about. You’ll be blogging for months and then look at your website rankings to find out you’ve started ranking for keywords you haven’t been working toward.

The next phase will be to create new pages and optimize them for such keywords and cross reference them to grow faster in the rankings.

Keep in mind that SEO should be one of your main marketing strategy. There’s only upsides to grow your organic reach which have been listed above in quite a bit of details. Learn from blog articles, SEO Youtube videos and more. There’s always new changes in the field and you can adapt your strategy to it.

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