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How important is a Mobile Friendly website?

How important is a Mobile Friendly website?

With the explosion of sales of smartphones and tablets in recent years, the behavior of users vis-à-vis websites has seen more and more changes. And yet, we are still far from where we need to be when it comes to mobile friendly website development… As of 2018, over 60% of traffic and sales come from mobile devices. Another statistic to keep in mind: About 60% of visitors will not come back to a site that isn’t mobile friendly.

As a professional, you must realize that your website is a major asset in your communication. To deprive oneself of the mobile traffic is to deprive oneself of 60% of the traffic on Google. From now on, it will not be enough to have a technically optimized site, with inbound links and quality content, to be well referenced. Mobile compatibility has become a criterion in its own right. Do not wait any longer, test to see if your site is mobile friendly.

Responsive design or dedicated website?

In an increasingly mobile web thanks to increased accessibility on mobile, responsive design had become almost a standard for all websites. But in just a few months, things have changed. Responsive design is still important and represents a first step towards an optimal mobile user experience. Creating a site designed only for mobile allows you to offer your users a more consistent experience and especially more fluid and qualitative. This forms a whole that has a direct impact on your conversion rate and therefore increases your number of conversions, whatever they are: online purchase, appointment requests, registrations or newsletter subscription.

Of course, the application solution is not suitable for all sectors and businesses. SEO Nerds would for example have no interest in developing one to bring the information currently available on its website. But many other sectors have a lot to gain.

Whether for an e-commerce site, a news site, a video host, a social network, a web tool and many more: having an application is essential or vital. Downloading an application is a way to retain your community, customers or prospects. A study published in June 2017 by comScore showed that 50% of the time spent by Internet users is done on a smartphone application. Combining this figure with the time spent on the mobile Internet browser, we get a total of nearly 60% of the time spent by a user on a mobile, against 34% on a computer. Still in the same study, we learn that a user spends an average of 2h20 a day on his smartphone.

But of course, doing a download campaign of your app is not the last step before conversion. It must then keep its users, especially with campaigns for reuse of the application. Applications offer the ability to remarketing even more responsively than on a computer. Of course, on this last channel, you can send an e-mail with a discount of 10% to a user who added a product to his cart but did not order. But this can take time to be done and Internet users are more and more aware about advertising by e-mail. Now, with an app, you can almost instantly send him a push notification with the same goal. For an e-commerce site, this further improves the rate of transformation.

On this image published in a study by Critéo, we realize that an application greatly increases the conversion rate of an e-commerce site compared to a standard site, regardless of the conversion tunnel stage.

Mobile friendly website design

In recent weeks, Google has increased the importance of mobile by bringing two new features for its advertising network: AdWords. The advertiser part as a user have each received an improvement. On the advertiser side, Google gives us the opportunity to more accurately analyze landing pages and especially their performance in terms of mobile optimization. This percentage score shows you whether the landing page is optimal, or if some users have not been able to access an optimized page.

Finally, as for the user making a request on mobile, it is now easier to see the sitelinks to specific pages of the website. Previously only textual, these links have almost become buttons in their own right. If these changes seem a priori minor, they prove despite all that the American giant places the mobile center of attention. SEO Nerds at the forefront of technology Anxious to offer you services adapted to your needs but also to the current standards of the web, we follow closely the evolution of the uses of Internet users. Our “Mobile Advertising” certification on Google AdWords attests to our skills. So if you are looking for a competent agency and continually seeking the best optimizations, entrust us with the management of your campaigns!

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