SEO: What is Natural Referencing?

SEO: What is Natural Referencing?

Natural referencing, as its name suggests is the method of being found “naturally” in search engine results.

Natural referencing/Search Engine Optimization applies to all types of sites. Whether you are trying to promote, sell or give information about:

  • editorial sites (news, online magazine, information, personal sites)
  • e-commerce sites
  • price comparison sites
  • classified ads sites
  • online gaming sites
  • digital marketing services
  • institutional sites or showcases and so forth

It’s one of the most sustainable ways to get traffic and grow your online business. As opposed to paying for clicks going through Google AdWords or Social Media outlets, you’re getting it organically by bringing fresh and relevant content on your pages.

Natural referencing must be considered as a medium / long term investment. Search traffic flows are gradual, and the evolution is generally in stages.

How to Acquire Organic Traffic Through Natural Referencing


Depending on the type of site, the work of the SEO consultant varies. We do not work an e-commerce site in the same way as an editorial site or a community site or even an institutional site, because the objectives are different.

It is therefore necessary to work upstream to ensure that the results are up to the objectives and that the traffic coming from the users of the search engines (natural referencing) is qualified, that is to say that it will be able to generate in the end the turnover according to the business model of the site under study. It can be easy to provide a massive increase of traffic on your site but if the intent to buy or do something actionable isn’t there, that traffic is somewhat useless.

The SEO consultant’s work is divided into several phases. On an existing site, the first phase is the audit which will list all the blocking points as well as the various potential development / progression factors.

Then, on the basis of this audit, the recommendations are produced in such a way as to give clear, precise and technically and / or humanly applicable directives whose final interest is to work both on the pertinence and the internal popularity of the site. Making a keyword research of your niche in order to see what keywords to rank for, their difficulty to rank higher than the competition and  the volume of search on said keywords is important.

Finally, a backlinking campaign (acquisition of inbound links) increases the popularity of the site, which allows it to gain positions on a large number of queries in search engine results pages. Unlike years ago, backlinking doesn’t rank you up by having tons of backlinks but by having high quality links from reputable websites (domain authority).

By bringing together these different elements, the results will come in due time. It is true that for some sites, the implementation of the recommendations may represent a significant budget item, but ultimately, the development of traffic makes this investment profitable over the year.

To know more, find out a plan of action that would benefit your business, do not hesitate to contact us!

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