Why your business needs Internet Marketing Services

What are Internet Marketing Services and why do you need it to scale up your business?

The team at SEO Nerds accompanies you in defining your identity and the story that bears it through Internet Marketing Services. Which digital channels are most relevant to your structure? How to adapt your editorial line to different digital spaces? We evaluate your current communication media in order to sustain them or modify them in line with your strategic orientations.


The content you create (editorial, videos, articles, visual graphics…) offered to your audience must help to build the DNA/IMAGE of your identity and be a reflection of what you want people to think of your business. At the heart of all our strategic and creative thinking, the definition of your content strategy is in line with your editorial line. We help you to define which types of content are the most relevant and collaborate to achieve them. SEO Nerds works with many collaborators in all areas of content creation and can advise you if you do not have the resources in-house.


In addition to your global digital strategy, whether you are a small business, big corporation or an association, we analyze your online reputation and elaborate your social media strategy to increase your notoriety. We put in place a strategy using the social networks most adapted to your identity. A lot of businesses won’t see the need to have a Pinterest or an Instagram page and will mostly waste time posting pictures and raising their followers count.  We can support your community management, assist you in the production of content creating positive engagement and exchange on your behalf with users that are most likely to turn into customers.


Make your site dynamic by publishing articles regularly and ensure your legitimacy by sharing your expertise. People tend to do business with businesses that know what they are talking about and have an online presence deeper than a simple website. As part of our digital marketing services, we offer a variety of options like the creation of blog posts, copywriting of articles relevant to your niche as well as translation (French/English).

We’re looking forward to hear from you, figure out the best strategy to build a better business foundation and grow together. Contact us anytime.

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