Are you making any of these common SEO mistakes?

Are you making any of these common SEO mistakes? They could be costing you dearly in terms of search ranking.

There are a number of poor SEO practices which can harm your website’s ranking in search engines, we call them Common SEO Mistakes. Avoid these common mistakes to protect your search engine ranking:

SEO provides a means for marketers to improve their websites’ ranking in Google’s search engine results pages, and thus achieve better visibility and higher traffic levels.
When performing SEO on your website, it is important to avoid common SEO mistakes that can damage your search ranking and reputation.

Common SEO Mistakes #1: Optimizing your site for the wrong keywords

Any successful search engine optimization campaign begins with identifying the right keywords. If you select the wrong keywords from the start, all your subsequent efforts to improve your site’s ranking will be in vain. If you choose keywords that are not searched for or that will not bring targeted traffic to your site, the top rankings will not be of any use.

There are some warning signs that your optimization efforts may be focused on the wrong keywords. These include:
  • There is little to no organic visibility for the website,
  • A high Bounce Rate or a low time on the page, indicates that users are not engaging with the website.
  • Getting high impressions with a low click-through rate.

Common SEO Mistakes #2: Too many META Keywords, STOP THAT!

One of the biggest SEO mistakes you can make when it comes to SEO is cramming too many keywords into your meta keywords tag. This not only looks spammy to search engines, but it can also result in your site being penalized for keyword stuffing. Keep your keywords relevant and limited to a few dozen at most to avoid any negative repercussions.
In fact, the meta keywords tag is much less important than popular opinion suggests when it comes to search engine positioning. Google does not use keyword meta tags directly in its rankings.
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To rank highly for those keywords, you need to naturally add them to the actual body content on your page. It is important to note that merely including keywords in your Meta tag will not guarantee a high ranking. There is no correlation between the keywords you use in your Meta tag and your search engine ranking.

SEO Mistake #3: Too many doorway pages

There is a common misconception that website owners need to create different versions of their site specifically for different search engines. Although this may sound like a good idea in theory, it is actually not practical and can actually be counterproductive.
If you employ this tactic, you will soon amass hundreds of pages, which can quickly become a cumbersome administrative task. Furthermore, just envision the amount of time you will need to spend constantly updating the pages in response to alterations that the search engines make to their algorithms.
Additionally, even though the pages are designed for different engines, they will end up being quite similar to each other. Search engines can often detect when a site has created duplicative pages and may penalize or even remove this site from their index.
Doorway pages can cause users to see multiple similar pages in their search results, where each result leads them to essentially the same destination. They can also cause users to end up on intermediate pages that aren’t as useful as the final destination.

SEO Mistake #4: Spending Too Much Time on SEO.

We lied. It’s a common mistake to spend too much time on search engine optimization.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to drive traffic to your site, SEO is an absolutely amazing option. You’ll need to spend some time every day learning how the search engines work and optimizing your site for them, but it’s worth it.
Remember that SEO is just a tool to help increase sales, it’s not the be-all and end-all.
So, in addition to improving your site’s ranking in search engines, you should also focus on other factors that affect your website’s success or failure, like the quality of your products and services, the quality of your content, etc.
You might have great rankings in the search engines, but if your products and services are lousy, or you’re not putting out high-quality SEO content, those high rankings aren’t going to do much good.

SEO: What is Natural Referencing?

SEO: What is Natural Referencing?

Natural referencing, as its name suggests is the method of being found “naturally” in search engine results.

Natural referencing/Search Engine Optimization applies to all types of sites. Whether you are trying to promote, sell or give information about:

  • editorial sites (news, online magazine, information, personal sites)
  • e-commerce sites
  • price comparison sites
  • classified ads sites
  • online gaming sites
  • digital marketing services
  • institutional sites or showcases and so forth

It’s one of the most sustainable ways to get traffic and grow your online business. As opposed to paying for clicks going through Google AdWords or Social Media outlets, you’re getting it organically by bringing fresh and relevant content on your pages.

Natural referencing must be considered as a medium / long term investment. Search traffic flows are gradual, and the evolution is generally in stages.

How to Acquire Organic Traffic Through Natural Referencing


Depending on the type of site, the work of the SEO consultant varies. We do not work an e-commerce site in the same way as an editorial site or a community site or even an institutional site, because the objectives are different.

It is therefore necessary to work upstream to ensure that the results are up to the objectives and that the traffic coming from the users of the search engines (natural referencing) is qualified, that is to say that it will be able to generate in the end the turnover according to the business model of the site under study. It can be easy to provide a massive increase of traffic on your site but if the intent to buy or do something actionable isn’t there, that traffic is somewhat useless.

The SEO consultant’s work is divided into several phases. On an existing site, the first phase is the audit which will list all the blocking points as well as the various potential development / progression factors.

Then, on the basis of this audit, the recommendations are produced in such a way as to give clear, precise and technically and / or humanly applicable directives whose final interest is to work both on the pertinence and the internal popularity of the site. Making a keyword research of your niche in order to see what keywords to rank for, their difficulty to rank higher than the competition and  the volume of search on said keywords is important.

Finally, a backlinking campaign (acquisition of inbound links) increases the popularity of the site, which allows it to gain positions on a large number of queries in search engine results pages. Unlike years ago, backlinking doesn’t rank you up by having tons of backlinks but by having high quality links from reputable websites (domain authority).

By bringing together these different elements, the results will come in due time. It is true that for some sites, the implementation of the recommendations may represent a significant budget item, but ultimately, the development of traffic makes this investment profitable over the year.

To know more, find out a plan of action that would benefit your business, do not hesitate to contact us!


5 SEO Tips to Optimize Your Position in Search Engines

I wanted to share some of these tips here with you because very few companies know what SEO is, what are the basic optimization techniques and why it is essential to use them.

What is SEO?

First, before you start, what is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is actually a set of techniques that can optimize the natural or organic position of a website on search engines. The objective here is to position or index the site in the search engines according to certain keywords corresponding to the main themes of the site in question. For example, for the Hawaii Tourist Board, it would be a good positioning on keywords such as “Hawaii tourism”, “Hawaii trip”, “Hawaii vacation”, etc. as well as a multitude of variants and derivatives of these keywords directly related to the content of the site. By natural or organic referencing, we mean the search results that are displayed naturally by the search engine after a request and not the sponsored links which is located most of the time at the top or on the right of the screen.

How to use SEO techniques can help your business perform better? Now that you know what search engine optimization (SEO) is all about, it’s important to know how these optimization techniques can help your business perform better according to your business goals. Indeed, what are the benefits of investing in SEO services for your business?

How to use SEO techniques can help your business perform better?


What are the benefits of investing in SEO for your business? Knowing that 74% of Internet users use a search engine to find their products and services, we understand why the use of SEO techniques can help you generate leads and sales on your site or simply increase your notoriety or your brand image. According to a recent study, 70% of Internet users would only consult the first page of search results. This percentage drops to 17% for the 2nd page of results, to 7% for the first 3 pages and only 8% for 3 pages and more. We now see the importance for our site to position itself in the first page of results on search engines for certain strategic keywords that we will have previously determined by an analysis of our site and those of the competitors.

5 SEO tips to optimize your search engine positioning


Now let’s take a look at the 5 SEO tips that help you better index your site in the search engines. Far from being a comprehensive guide (SEO is a fairly complex and evolving discipline), these 5 techniques can help you make a few small changes to your site so that it is better positioned in the engines. Do not aim the first page of results with these techniques, because SEO techniques take time to bear fruit and these techniques are only a tiny part of what is possible to do in terms of SEO. Engaging an SEO expert can be a very effective and cost-effective solution for any company that wants to position itself. Moreover, according to the firm eMarketer, marketing managers in the United States expect to spend 19.3% of their budget by SEO search engine, while this percentage should increase to 22.8% in 2011. Here are the 5 SEO techniques at the level of the structure of your website:

1. Structure your URLs correctly

Our first tip out of our 5 SEO Tips is that it is important to structure the URLs of your site so that the search engine robots index them more quickly and easily. Indeed, if you have 3 main sections in your site: Explore, Learn and Plan, it is important that the URL for each of the pages in these sub-categories is well structured in following these categories. For example,, its URL should be structured to reflect this categorization. A good example of a URL would be and not

2. Rewrite your URLs

An error too often made in some website is to see URLs written this way: This writing does not favor the indexing of your pages in the search engines. It’s better to write your URLs by using your page’s title or very specific and relevant keywords to the very content of your page such as: So, we understand that this is a page about kitchen plumbing services and search engines will index your pages more easily. You can use a Mod_rewrite module to optimize the writing of your URLs easily or if you use a CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.), you can just look in settings/permalink to change the url of the pages from numbers/dates to page names/categories or such.

3. Add content and update your site frequently

Another easy way to improve the indexing of your pages is to update your site frequently. The more often your site is updated, the more search engines will tend to index it to a higher level. In fact, search engines value new content more than content that has not been changed in a long time, so you’ll benefit from updating your site frequently. Having a business blog is a good way to ensure you have recent and frequently updated content for indexing your site. User feedback and frequently written posts provide new content for search engines (provided you maintain your blog of course and add content!).

4. Avoid duplication of content

Another SEO technique to follow is to avoid duplicating your content. Indeed, search engines penalize sites that have duplicated content and do not yet know the difference between the original content and the duplicated content. It is therefore important to ensure that your content is not fully included elsewhere on the web or that you do not have 2 identical pages (for example, on your old domain and your new domain name). The CopyScape site can help you find duplicate content for your website.

5. Make sure you have quality links pointing to your site

A common belief about SEO is that the important thing for a website is to have the greatest number of links pointing to our site in order to be well indexed by the search engines. Know that this is wrong. The important thing is not the amount of links pointing to your site, but the quality of these links. By quality, we mean a number of factors including the age of the domain name, the credibility of the site in the search engines, its page rank, etc. In short, be sure to make links partnerships with quality sites that are credible to search engines and not simply aim for the amount of links. In short, this is only a preview of SEO techniques.

To learn more, you can search on Google for info and tips to optimize your site for search engines. On your side, are you currently investing in SEO services? If no, are you thinking of investing a portion of your marketing budget soon? Leave your comments and questions below


The Advantages of Search Engine Optimization

Want to know the advantages of search engine optimization? Here’s some of them.

Were you looking to hire a Search Engine Optimization Agency?  You’re probably not sure of the advantages of search engine optimization and that’s normal if you’re new to this. We’ve put together a list of some of the reasons it is good for your business, site traffic and brand awareness. Most people will think that they can just go ahead and do SEO on their own and it will bring in great results.

Unless you’re a professional, you might end up doing more harm than good on your site if you do not use the correct practices of the newest search engine optimization standards. Leave it to people who know exactly what they are doing, it’s worth the investment. Let’s talk about some of the advantages to do so.

The five most common advantages of search engine optimization done professionally.

Here are the five most important advantages you might wanna get to know, then you can make your decision if that is something your business needs or not.

Natural referencing on your website will bring in more traffic.

As you might already know, optimizing your site for search engines (SEO) is now crucial to your site. Years ago, only websites with a very large number of competing enterprises were really needing to use search engine optimization to get ahead. Now that changed a lot, everyone actually uses SEO to be on top of their competition, even very small companies. It brings more traffic, more potential customers and therefore more sales.

Without SEO, your site will never get the visibility it needs. Without an optimized website that is fast, mobile-friendly and has the right keywords to fight the gigantic sea of competitors, you’ll probably just lay way down in the search results and noone will find you or your products. You’ll quickly realise that it is almost impossible to raise your sales numbers or visitors because you’re just not found out there.

A Search Engine Optimization agency with a strong knowledge of the field will know exactly what keywords to target, which route to take to get ahead.

Search Engine Optimization companies have the experience.

You may already know the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that you’ve read about in books, SEO blog or anywhere that the information is available, doesn’t mean that you have experience with it. You could also think you know the best practices so you’ll start testing some stuff on your site and hope for results to come, it usually is a bad idea since Google is prompt to penalize bad SEO practices and bring your ranking down along the line.

Search engine optimization companies have the experience and the knowledge necessary to make sure that doesn’t happen. Implementing strong tactics and great content to let Google know that your site is a good reference in your field and people should see it and find it easier.

Dealing with a team of professionals in SEO is gonna make sure that you’ll know everything is under control and they are there to help you answer all your questions and concerns along the way.

Search Engine Optimization professionals will bring in results.

As we mentionned before, the idea is to make sure you don’t damage your site’s online reputation, SEO Nerds like us can make sure that doesn’t happen.

Often when you run a business, you’ll try to save money wherever you can and won’t see SEO as a viable investment. That seems to happen a lot when small business owners go find the cheapest SEO services and they’re being told that it will bring in the same results as if you’d be working with a company with experience and slightly higher rates. Don’t get caught up with foreign companies who will bring you nothing but headaches and communication issues along the line. Some of us do great SEO, the advantages of search engine optimization are proven to be worth the investment.

Letting professionals handle your SEO will let you focus on what’s important like customer care.

We all want our clients to be happy in any field we work in. If you’re working hard on trying to make your SEO work for you without hiring companies to do it for you, you’re gonna end up neglecting the most important part of a business, your clients.

Companies who offer other services than just SEO can greatly help your business.

If you’ve decided to make the jump and hire a company to do your search engine optimization, you should get with a company that offers more than just SEO. You don’t want to be running back and forth between a bunch of people, one that does you website edits, the other one takes care of your social media marketing and a third one in charge of your SEO. Head on over to Digital Marketing Services to give you an idea of what we can offer.

Web agencies like us at SEO Nerds offer full-service packages which will make you save a lot of money compared to getting your services from various different companies. You’ll probably need website design, e-commerce sales platform, graphic design, inbound marketing, leads generation and so on. We can help with everything and we’re offering affordable services in all fields.

But where will I find a Search Engine Optimization company that I can trust?

Finding the right SEO agency can be a bit of work if you don’t know the difference between all of them and what they offer. Look around on their website, check if they have a strong online following on social medias, reviews can help too, if you see negative reviews on Google+, Yelp or their Facebook page, that can be a red flag. Just use your judgment.

Also do not hesitate to contact the company (Contact Us Anytime) and ask your questions, we’ve got the answer. If you have concerns about prices, what are the real advantages of search engine optimization and what kind of return on investment are you looking at, just ask. We’re always here to help and we love our clients.