Hire Local SEO Experts in Toronto

SEO Nerds is a Local SEO Toronto Company focusing on making sure you come up first in the results, constantly ahead of your competition. We know how running a business can be time consuming, let us help you find more clients, generate leads and therefore letting you focus on great customer service.

According to a recent study done by Search Engine Land, “78% of local searches done on mobile result in offline purchases”. This shows why it is so important to have your business listed in local search. Google geotag’s almost everything.

If you enabled geolocation on your phone, tablet, or computer, Google will pinpoint you accurately, so you can see search results that first prioritize your physical location, such as a hair salon. located really close to where you are or live. Hiring a local seo company greatly helps getting ranked first in the Google Maps results.

Hiring the right Local SEO Company can help you achieve business growth like you never imagined. Reach more local customers with highly targeted local SEO strategies. Our affordable Local SEO plans can help you get more clients, reach more people and grow your business, fast.


Google updated the look of what appears first in the searches and added a big widget showing Google Maps and the top results “near me”. Per example if I search for Italian Restaurant Toronto, we’ll obviously want to rank up there to get the clicks/calls from potential clients who want to book reservation in the restaurant that we optimize.

Same goes to a hair salon that wants people to search for: hair salon near me, getting your website up there in the results will increase your traffic, filled contact forms, calls and customer base. Local SEO helps put your business on the map, be found easily and get people through your doors.

The location based results come first, as shown in the image to your right. That means that if you do not optimize your site for local seo, chances are that your competition will get the business you should get if your site would be showing on that Google Maps results widget. 

As you can see from the map on the right, Local SEO Keywords such as “Find Suit Tailor Toronto” gave us the results that you see. You want to be ranking for a lot of specific keywords in your niche/industry followed by words like “near me” and “close by”.

Reaching local customers is the main goal of Local Search Engine Optimization. We know how to put your business on top of Google Maps. Let us help.