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Real estate SEO is essential to have your latest property on top of the listings before your competition does. We at SEO Nerds know that, we’ve helped realtors, agents, developers rank on Google & Bing and we’ll keep on doing just that at affordable prices.

We’ve got solutions for your needs wether you need to create a listing for a new home, a project that’s coming up and you need to find leads that want information/floor plans and so on. Our digital marketing services include but not limited to:

  • Real Estate SEO Services – Rank you on top of the competition with your listings.
  • Real Estate Custom¬†Website Design & Development – Creation of landing pages / Development Site / Full Brokerage MLS.
  • Real Estate Social Media Marketing & Management (SMM) – Grow your following and Lead Generation from Social Medias.
  • Real Estate Marketing Automation – Mailing Lists / SMS Campaigns / Visual Advertising
  • Real Estate Photography & Graphic Design – Stunning Visuals to Showcase your Properties (Photo/Video)


real estate seo website design toronto
Real Estate SEO Toronto - Real Estate Web Design

    SEO for Real Estate Agents

    Realtors know how important it is to come up first, competition in real estate seo is fierce. That is where we come up. Unlike most fields, you often need to act quick once a real estate development is announced, we’re bringing those results fast. No time to waste, you need to rank up there and phone needs to ring. Lead generation is at the top of our list for realtors, brokers, anyone who works in real estate day and night to make things happen.

    We have affordable real estate seo (search engine optimization) plans for everyone, either a single real estate agent or a full brokerage in need of the best solution for their investments.

    We’re here to help, just fill the form or give us a call and we’ll be happy to give you an affordable real estate seo and/or custom real estate website design quote in no time.

    Customer Case Study

    We’ve built a platform for real estate developers that can showcase all past/current/upcoming projects in the GTA area.

    A few months after launch we saw a massive increase in traffic on current and upcoming projects mostly. Developers got a strong affluence of fresh leads ready to connect and get information on real estate pricing and availability for condos and houses.

    Real Estate SEO Website Design GTA Toronto

    We know keyword research and implementation, let’s rank your property, MLS or development landing pages right up on top of Google & Bing.

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